Call For Ambassadors and Influencers

Without sponsors, ambassadors, and influencers, Summit Creek wouldn’t be possible. We need your continued and appreciated support to keep business thriving. We offer a variety of different sponsorship/ambassador packages to accommodate what best suits your needs. Influencers across any category can participate in this program.

Currently you must have one of the following: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account to qualify. We look at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence. We also look at how active the lifestyle is of the person.

How do I get started? Fill out the form below to get started and see if you're eligible. If you don’t qualify right away, we encourage you to come back in the future as the eligibility requirements may change over time.

We will be in touch through email once we receive your information. We will discuss a plan going by your presence, drive, and location. We also will provide promo items when needed. If you have any additional questions, you can Contact Us at any time.

Welcome to the Wolfpack! 🐺
Founder/CEO - Alex T.