Let's Get Outdoors For 2021

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Let's Get Outdoors For 2021

It’s that time of year again. The time when we begin reflecting on our resolutions from the previous year and coming up with goals for the year ahead. Let's jump in, shall we...


1. Challenge Yourself

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We sometimes feel that staying within our comfort zone is where we are safest. We’ve learned, however, that experiencing new adventures is wholeheartedly fulfilling. So, this year let’s conquer those outdoor adventures that we’ve been putting off.



2. Get Better Sleep

Grab a sleeping bag or hammock and head to your favorite stargazing spot and let the relaxing sound of nature be your lullaby. Wake up to the crisp morning air and start your day feeling refreshed even if that means occasionally setting up a tent in your very own backyard.



3. Connect by Disconnecting

The internet is an amazing tool that allows us to connect and stay in touch with friends and family members from around the world, however, it often disconnects us from the friends and family members who are sitting right in front of us.



4. Explore a New National Park

National Parks make some of the best hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, and outdoor spots accessible. They make planning an adventure easy and affordable and there are 59 different ones in the United States alone. Add visiting at least one new park for the first time to your New Year’s resolution list!



5. Give Back Be Happier

Did you know you can lower your stress levels and increase your self-esteem, all from just helping someone out or contributing to a cause you are passionate about? Learn more on how we help our community with cleanups at parks and beaches too. 😎 ♻️

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