Encountering a Cult While Camping Alone

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Encountering a Cult While Camping Alone

Here is a tale about one who camped alone, and found themselves in the scariest moment of their lives. Narrated by ricey125. 🔥


This happened to me a while back when I decided to go on another camping trip alone. I always liked camping alone, there's something serene and sobering about being isolated in the middle of the wilderness, and I always found it relaxing. So I planned out what trail I was going to take, packed my camping gear and my rifle (for protection), and jumped in my truck. I get to this trail early in the morning, and hike about 15-20 miles in until I find the "right spot" and head off the trail to find a place to put my tent up. I stumble upon this nice-sized clearing and decide that its a nice beautiful spot to settle down.


Im exhausted at this point, but set up the tent at the southern most edge of the clearing next to the tree-line, and manage to get a fire going. I roast some weenies, and start to hear a sound in the distance underneath all the forest noise. It sounded like an animal, most likely a deer, with a lame leg as it sounded like the animal was making a walking/dragging noise.


I felt bad for the poor guy, but it was too far away and it was getting dark so I couldn't really go find it and put it out of its misery. Think nothing of it after that and go about eating my food. After I eat I douse the fire and crawl into my tent and insert myself into my sleeping bag, I decide that even at my exhausted and relaxed state I can't go to sleep so I pull out a book I brought with me and start to read by the light of my lamp.


Hours go by and I hear that sound again, this time closer, right at the opposite side of the clearing. Surprised, I put my book down and listen to this animal walk-drag across the clearing towards my tent. Its really loud at this point, and it now sounds like the hooves are all being heavily planted with the dragging noise following seconds after, like the deer is dragging something along. It makes it to about what I assume is the middle of the clearing and stops, and I hear nothing. No breathing, I mean not a sound from this animal. I unzip the tent and look into the clearing, nothing but trees and darkness.


What the fuck? Unnerved at this point, I zip the tent back up and sit there listening for other noises. Nothing, just the crickets and the breeze. I decide that there are a lot of strange noises in the woods and tried not to let it bother me, besides I had my rifle. I start to doze off when I hear mens laughter off in the distance to my right, then women's laughter and sticks snapping far off to my left.


Im up now, wondering if what I am hearing is really what I am hearing or just a product of being half asleep. I hear more faint laughing from a couple other different directions, all different (i.e old men, old women, even children) and confirm that it's real. The noises are closing in and I grab my rifle preparing to fire a warning shot off in the air in case they came too close. Something about this laughter, how far in I was, the noise earlier, and the time of night told me that this was not just another family strolling through.


I was on edge enough all ready, but then I noticed that the nightlife was dead quiet. Not even the wind was making any noise. I decided enough was enough, I unzipped the tent and fired a shot into the night. I sat there and surveyed the treeline, saw nothing. Listened intensely to my surroundings, no laughing and the forest sounds had returned. Relaxing just a bit and figuring that scared whoever off, I sat down and in my exhausted state I fell asleep.


I wake up later in a cold sweat, racked with anxiety, and it was still dark outside. I immediately hear two people whispering not too far from my tent. Alert, grab my rifle and listen to what they are saying. I cant make out much, but I hear something about being lost so I shout "hey! who's there?" The voices fall silent. I shout again "are you guys lost? who's there?" Suddenly a huge burst of flame like a flame thrower erupted from the middle of the clearing illuminating several silhouettes of people just standing around. In shock I fire my rifle blowing a hole in the front of my tent and it goes dark.


Without checking my surroundings I get up and sprint out of my tent making a hard left back to where the trail was. I hiked until sunrise back to my truck with my head over my shoulder the entire way, never heard anyone follow me, never saw anyone or anything the whole way, but couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched. After that, my enjoyment of camping alone left me like I left all my gear in the woods that night.

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  • Johnny C.

    Whoa, I would freak out! What a story, good job mate.

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