Adventure You've Never Heard Of

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Adventure You've Never Heard Of

If you're looking for adventure, people have found some crazy stuff. You've probably never heard of these activities, from black water rafting to volcano surfing, but you're sure to find something that will get your blood flowing, and make 2021 a lot more interesting.

1. Volcano Surfing

If you'd like to try surfing but aren't crazy about the idea of paddling around an ocean full of sharks, consider giving surfing down a volcano a shot. Volcano surfing is a sport that was derived from sandboarding, in which, athletes ride downhill on slopes that are covered with volcano ash, using a surfboard. The sport, also commonly known as ash boarding, was invented by an adventurer journalist named Zoltan Istvan, while on a trip to Vanuatu Islands in 2002. Volcano surfing is considered as an extreme sport and there are not many practicing it.

The inventor of the sport classifies volcano surfing into two types, surfing on active volcanoes, and surfing on inactive volcanoes, the only difference being that, the lava and gases from an active volcano presents more challenges and makes the ride more difficult. Most riders use sandsurfing boards with binding and boots. But volcano surfing can also be done with thin plywood of any other metal board. Riders also wear goggles and other safety gear as needed. (image above)

Geocaching in woods while finding cache with phone

2. Geocaching

Geocaching is perfect for those looking for adventure without the danger or the high-speed adrenaline rush. To get started on this real life treasure hunt and find one of more than 1.5 million "geocaches" hidden around the seven continents, download the "Geocaching Intro" app onto your smartphone, follow the directions to the nearest stash and solve the riddle or brainteaser than reveals its true location. It is the world's largest treasure hunt!

Street luge downhill jump

3. Street Luge

In the 1970s, Southern Californian skateboarders inadvertently created a new sport when they started casual downhill races on their boards. Before long, they were building special boards and hitting speeds nearing 100 mph. Street luge remained low-profile until the mid-1900s, when it became an X-Games sport. (It isn't one anymore.) If you'd like to give this high-speed adventure a shot, make sure you're wearing a helmet and pads, because at more than 50mph, you want more than an inch of daylight and a pair of jeans between you and the asphalt.

Bridge climbing with group up bridge in Sydney

4. Bridge Climbing

If you want the thrill of outdoor climbing but don't happen to live near a suitable cliff face, consider bridge climbing. Depending on your respect for the law and your own safety, you can go with one of two options: Find the nearest bridge and start climbing on your own, or head to Sydney, where BridgeClimb takes you to the top of the Harbour Bridge. Either way, you'll put your skills and tolerance for heights to the test, and come down with a story to tell.

Cliff diving into ocean

5. Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is probably the least complicated extreme sport. There's no equipment to buy, no special clothing to wear and no provider services to hire. It's just your body, sailing through the air from dizzying heights and plunging into a body of water below. Think of jumping off an eight-story building. That's the height -- 85 feet (26 meters) -- from which the 2009 Cliff Diving World Championship competitors dove.

Competition cliff diving is an outgrowth of Olympic high diving. But the daredevil act dates back to 1770, when King Kahekili, the last king of Maui, leapt from Kaunolu, a 63-foot (19-meter) cliff and entered the water below without causing a splash.

If you have any extreme sports you would like to share, comment below with your story or send us an email. We would love to showcase your sport or tale. Stay tuned Wolfpack! 🐺

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